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Our philosophy

Love for details, Elegance and Exclusivity.

When I decided to create the brand “Sacco” (which is my original surname, although my great-grandfather changed it by removing a C and now we are Saco) it seemed important to me that the brand had everything that takes us back to the origins, that it be very personal and that have a point of tradition which is what my original surname means to me.

As we are


We put all our effort into creating unique and attractive designs. Our inspiration leads us to try new color combinations and new textures to further enhance our jewelry.


We take great care of every detail to create high-quality jewelry that meets the expectations of our clients, seeking to offer exceptional service and quality.


We are defined by our great passion for designing personalized jewelry and we work to create unique and beautiful pieces.


The team is always looking for new and creative ways to design custom jewelry and are willing to try new techniques and materials.

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Exclusive designs made with love

With each of our creations our customers can be sure that they are receiving a handmade and personalized piece with the best materials and attention to detail.

A unique piece that is designed to reflect your personality and style, as it is adapted to your preferences in terms of size, shape, color and type of metal. Hence its exclusivity for those who wear it.

Irene Sacco


Our jewelry is original and different and is carefully made by hand, ensuring that its finish is excellent, going beyond the standard of mass-created and mechanically manufactured products.

At Irene Sacco we like jewelry with soul and personality made to provoke emotions and exude beauty and sensitivity.